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WhatsApp for service teams is here!

WhatsappDesk delivers a solid ticket-based platform focusing on excellent WhatsApp support. But wait, Facebook Messenger, Live Chat and Email are supported as well. 


Conversations at scale

Empower your team to talk to your all your leads, customers, debtors, hiring candidates and more.
All through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Support at Scale

Run multiple team inboxes

Empower your whole team to talk to your customers through multiple WhatsApp numbers. One overview to chat and maintain conversations with your customers through case and ticketing management.

Unlimited conversations / No templates

Our browser app has no limitations or restrictions for sending and receiving (media) messages. Also we won’t restrict you with using pre approved templates to send your message.

Reply whenever you want

WhatsappDesk allows you to reply to messages when it suits you and your team. Also outside the 24 hours window we won’t charge you with extra costs.

This is how it works

up in <30 minutes

  • Sign up for a trial
    -> app is immediately available;
  • Send a test message
    -> to see how it works;
  • Upgrade to a paid plan
    -> to connect your own Whatsapp line;
  • Submit your Whatsapp number
    -> Scan the QR code with your phone;
  • Receive messages in your shared team inbox 
    -> provide blazing fast customer support;

Try it now

WhatsappDesk make it easy to handle your customer support into a single inbox, without needing to switch between several applications. Facebook messenger, Email POP3/IMAP and Live chat are support right out of the box.


The total price contains the number of agents along with the number of WhatsApp lines you want to run in your team inboxes. 

Success Stories

“We’re now finally able to notify our customers through Whatsapp.”

Tim Chihoro

Head of Marketing, Soccer24

“WhatsApp is a very personal channel where you chat with your mother and your partner and your football team, and I honestly didn’t think people would want a brand anywhere near that”

“Turns out that people love having news ‘delivered’ to them without having to actively search for it, or install a separate app.”

Kelly Becker

Product Manager, Frank

“WhatsappDesk allows us to support our customers so quickly. Our team of 6 customer service representatives are back in sync, no chaos any more! They simply love it. It also helps us staying ahead of our competition. Our lead flow almost doubled and the conversion to sale increased by over 32% since we started using WhatsappDesk! Our next step will be optimising the workflows and automate messaging using the APIs.”

Gary Hopkins

Head of Marketing, Slick Themes


    Answers to our most frequently asked questions

How does the free trial work?

No credit card is needed to experience the ease of the powerful messaging platform and the team inbox to support all your customers. Experience how the customer service team inbox works. Send and receive messages through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email and live chat. Experience one omni channel time line for every single contact. Set up teams and brands and create specific filters to create effective workflows that reduce respons times. 

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel any time. If you have a trial subscription you don’t need to cancel your account. The trial account and all related data will be destroyed when the period ends. After cancelling a paid account your account wil remain accessible right until the current billing cycle will end. And you won’t be charged from that moment. The account and its data will be destroyed after 7 days.

What is your support opening hours?

Our support team is available during regular working hours. We’re happy to assist you to get started. And to support you. We’re available through Whatsapp (bottom right button), through email ‘support at’ and phone (paid plans only).

How long will it take to connect my own requested number?

Using your own Whatsapp number requires a paid plan. Once upgraded you can submit your number. We connect your WhatsApp (Business) number typically within 2 hours within regular business hours.

How can I prevent a number block?

Numbers can get blocked by Whatsapp. In 99% of the times a number get blocked by their algorithms. Mostly this is caused by people sending unsolicited messages with improper content to too many people in a short time frame. Use a solid opt-in process to prevent to get marked as spam, which can lead to a ban or number block. Request the white paper by one of our representatives to make sure your number won’t get blocked. Respect the terms of service of Facebook and its subsidiaries including WhatsApp Inc.

Does WhatsappDesk offer an API ?

Yes, WhatsappDesk delivers robust APIs to manage contacts and to send messages. Start a trial to review the API documentation.

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